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Hi! My name is Mono Monkey. Thanks for chillin on my site! I came all the way from the hills of Honduras to bring you the best espresso and coffee drinks available to man!

 I hooked up with Jim and Lisa ,the owners, one sunny day while they were helping a village called LaMasica build homes.  They were taking a break and resting against my favorite banana tree. Below was a patch of bushes with yummy red berries.  I decided to hang with them for a while and throw down some berries. The more I ate, the wilder I got!!! Turned out the berries were coffee beans that turned my sleepy afternoon into a Wild and Crazy time! Thats when Jim and Lisa gave me my name -  Mono Loco - "Crazy Monkey"! We all became immediate friends and that's when we decided that our dream was to share these yummy berries with the world! The rest... is history!  Hope you enjoy my Yummy coffee!!Featured Menu Items:

  *  Espresso drinks. Proudly featuring Caffe D'arte! Award winning coffee roasted in the traditional Italian style.  Caffe D'arte's expert Italian roaster follows old authentic Italian recipes to achieve the richest and smoothest espresso and coffee drinks.  At The Crazy Monkey our baristas are given extensive training so they will create the perfect espresso shot for each drink.... everytime! 

  Blended drinks & smoothies!

  *  Old fashioned Ice Cream Cones, Milk Shakes & Sundaes! 

  * Freshly baked Calzones and Breakfast Burritos. Hand made and baked  fresh daily on site! Breakfast, lunch and dinner Calzones!

* Freshly baked pastries.

* From Scratch Soups


Monday through Friday:  4:30 am - 6:00pm

Saturday:                              7:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday:                                7:00am - 5:00pm