May21 Introduces: DINE N' DISH

New! Reviews on local restaurants! Introduces: DINE N' DISH

It’s no secret! was created for your enjoyment. For instance:

Need suggestions on what to do on any day of the week? Check! Need ideas for where to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner any given day of the week? “Check please!”

Now, here’s the thing. Many of you aren’t used to shopping local. Or, in this case, “Dining Local.” So, you may see a privately owned and operated restaurant and ask: “Is that place any good?” “What type of food do they serve?” “Are their specials really special?”

Well, has something new on the menu just for you! Tino and I aren’t food experts. That’s why we’ve brought on a catering expert and a restaurant expert! With 30 years of restaurant, bar, lounge, high-end catering, and small property eateries, we introduce Ryan Catorina-Rose and Veronica McGlothan as’s new restaurant reviewers.

If you’re trying to contain yourself, imagine how excited our local restaurant owners are?! Veronica, a graduate of Washington State University’s Hotel Restaurant Administration program started catering in college and eventually owned and operated a catering company geared exclusively to the bridal market in the mid 1990’s. Later she designed and selected menus for fine dining, receptions, and conference programs as part of her company’s offerings at Meeting & Event Professionals, Inc. (1995-2006). She’s been a member of the Waddido-crew since our inception and is working feverishly on White Party menu for later this summer.

To say that Ryan has a passion for food is like saying water is wet. It’s a no brainer. Ob-vi-ous!! Ryan brings 10 years of restaurant, hospitality, and bartending experience to; from Seattle to Tri-Cities, there are few if any restaurants that he hasn’t photographed a plate or a dish, and loaded up to his Facebook page for you to “Like!” And that’s why we’ve chosen Ryan. For his great palette for food. If you’re one of his 600 “Friends” on fb, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talkin’ about—FOOD EVERYWHERE!

Ryan and Veronica will “Check-in” wherever they are reviewing, so be sure to come up and say, “Hi!” when you see them. We hope you enjoy our new restaurant review segment: Dine ‘n Dish!