FOOD REVIEW: The Alley Public House & Brews

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Great new hot spot with great eats!

FOOD REVIEW: The Alley Public House & Brews

You know me, I like to eat.  But I really enjoy eating food that you cannot find anywhere else in the Tri-Cities.  There is nothing plain about the menu at The Alley Public House & Brews.  Let me tell you a little about what they have going on there:

Fried Mozzarella

This was my first time trying The Alley’s Fried Mozzarella.  You can tell when things are homemade and this moz is definitely homemade.  It is served with a tangy and delicious tomato confit, basil oil, and golden balsamic sauce.  I’ve always loved anything that had the words “fried” and “mozzarella”.  The Fried Mozzarella at The Alley is some of the best you’ll find in the Tri-Cities.

Pulled Pork Sliders

I’ve had the Pulled Pork Sliders at The Alley quite a few times.  They are flat out delicious.  There are a few places in the Tri-Cities for good pulled pork sandwiches or sliders.  I can honestly say The Alley’s pulled pork is within the top three.  They’re that good.  I really think it’s because of a few different things, one of those things is because they’ve paired the pork with the perfect Hawaiian style bun.  This bun really sets it off.

Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese with bacon on top…. need I say more?  It even comes topped with a homemade parmesan cheese piece of goodness.  I have had this dish a couple of times and it is very good.  The one thing I would recommend is asking with a little extra cheese sauce.  The extra sauce will really set it off.


The Flaminquenes is one of the first tapas I ate when The Alley opened in November.  It is a lovely dish of free range ham, pork belly, and cheese.  It is topped with chili flakes and an fig balsamic vinegar sauce.  If you have not had these, you absolutely need to order them.  Everyone I’ve had try these has loved them.

The Alley Burger

The Alley Burger, along with the Flaminquenes, was one of the very first things I had eaten at The Alley.  To be honest, when I first saw it, I thought it was a little small.  However, after taking my first bite, This Kobe Beef burger was packed with a ton flavor.  To be fair, the only reason it looked small was because each 6oz patty is handmade and left to be a little thicker through the middle (just like me).  Something else about this burger that really sticks out is the roll it’s served on.  You will not find another burger in the Tri-Cities served on a roll like this.

Gnocchi Primavera

This was my first time having Gnocchi Primavera.  I was not expecting it to be this good.  This bowl of homemade potato gnocchi with snap peas, roasted red peppers (not infused) wrapped in a manchego cream sauce is something I will order over and over again.  I really can’t do it justice with how much flavor there was.

Kobe Meatloaf

You haven’t had meatloaf until you’ve had The Alley’s meatloaf.  I apologize to all the moms out there and the meatloaf making skills, but this stuff is legit.  When you do order it (and you will order it) you will want to place two orders because one order will not cut it.  You will want to stuff your face with as much of this meatloaf you can.

Chocolate Chile Brulee

Since they’ve opened, The Alley has been tweeking this dessert.  When I first had it back in November, I thought it was excellent on its own.  When I ordered it this time around, I was told they had made a few small adjustments.  Wow.  If you can imagine a sweet, ever so spicy, chocolate dish that will leave you wanting to lick the bowl after you’ve scraped every last bit out with your spoon, this is it.  Do not let the words “chocolate chili” throw you.  Just order it and sit back and enjoy the ride.


The Alley Public House and Brews has been open since late October/early November and has been a hit ever since.  If you haven’t made it there yet, you will find a place for small dishes of food (tapas), delicious drinks, and a great place to sit back and relax.  Have fun and enjoy.



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