Dine N' Dish Review: Crow's Nest - Clover Island Inn

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Dinner and a view!

Dine N' Dish Review: Crow's Nest - Clover Island Inn

There aren’t too many places in the Tri-Cities where you can catch a good meal with an awesome view of the Columbia River.  If you haven’t been to the Crow’s Nest on Clover Island in a while, you need to revisit and see what they’ve done with their menu.

Homemade Mozzarella Sticks

There are only two places in the Tri-Cities (that I’m aware of) that make their own mozzarella sticks in house.  The Crow’s Nest is one of those places.  These mozzarella sticks were done differently than I’ve ever had them before.  These pieces of fried cheese goodness were prepared tempura style.  I have never had tempura style mozzarella sticks and found them surprisingly delicious.

Chicken Quesadilla Appetizer

I’m not the biggest quesadilla eater in the world.  But I’m not going to lie; this quesadilla was delicious and there was a lot of it.  It could definitely serve as an entire meal.  This chicken/cheesy goodness was packed with chicken, mozzarella & cheddar cheese, and olives.  They served it with the traditional sides of sour cream, guacamole, and salsa.

Pork Porterhouse

I was pleasantly surprised by this entree.  I haven’t ordered a pork chop in a restaurant in a very long time.  The porterhouse cut pork chop was seasoned perfectly and was absolutely delicious. The one thought that kept coming to mind while eating this was that it was extremely juicy and tender.  It was cook perfectly.

NY Strip

If you find yourself on Clover Island and in need of a good steak, the New York Strip should serve you well.  This NY Strip was cooked and seasoned perfectly.  If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a steak with an amazing view, this one will hit the spot.

Crab Stuffed Halibut

The Crab Stuffed Halibut was a hit.  This dish was packed full of flavor and really impressed the table.  If you are craving any type of seafood dish, the Crab Stuffed Halibut will be worth your while.

Monte Cristo & Onion Rings

It’s hard to find a Monte Cristo the way I imagine it should be.  So far, the Monte Cristo at the Crow’s Nest has come the closest.  This thing looked beautiful.  It was a tempura fried sandwich of goodness.  There was only one thing that could have made this golden goodness just a tad bit better.  I would have really like to see it cooked just a little bit more.  I think there could have been a little more crispness to it.  Other than that, I would definitely order this again.

Bacon Burger & Fries

How can you go wrong with a burger, bacon, and cheese?  The Crow’s nest bacon burger was solid.  You would be hard pressed to find a better tasting bacon burger in the Tri-Cities.  What really helped compliment the burger though, were the fries.  To be very honest, the fries are definitely some of the best in the Tri-Cities.

Fish & Chips

The fish and chips at the Crow’s Nest were delicious.  I’ve always been a fan of fish cooked in tempura batter.  The tempura gives the fish a light taste that isn’t overpowered by too much breading.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the food at the Crow’s Nest.  The next time you’re out and want to grab a good meal at a place you probably haven’t been to in a while, definitely give the Crow’s Nest a shot.

Ryan Castorina-Rose

For more information and directions, visit Crow's Nest at Clover Island Inn.


Photography by Martha Garza Photography for Waddido.com.