Nov21 Partners Up With The Perfect Move Magazine

Two Fun and Creative Teams Join Forces is very excited to announce that we are newly partnered up with The Perfect Move magazine.


Your Social Life and Newton's First Law of Motion

Or its alternative title: V ≠ 0m/s2

Only we take the social scene and dissect it down to where it is a science! So, without further ado, I present to Grey’s Laws of Social Order (Issue #1), patent pending, copy write and register trade mark that!

Nov16 The Beginning.....

The Story Behind The Concept

Welcome to Waddido is pronounced “Wah Dee Doo”.  It’s a hip urban term meaning “What’s going on?”.

I would like to share with you how this all began.


Recipe of the Week: Strawberry Margaritas

This delicious margarita recipe is courtesy of Mo'nique's "Never Trust a Skinny Cook."